About MCH

MCH is Maternal Child Health. This program is to improve the health of women (particularly mothers) and children. 

The National Priorities are: 
1. Improve pre-conception, prenatal and postpartum health care services for women of child bearing age
2. Promote safe sleep practices among newborns to reduce sleep-related infant deaths
3. Reduce intentional and unintentional injuries among children and adolescents
4. Reduce obesity among children and adolescents
5. Ensure coordinated, comprehensive and ongoing health care services for children with and without special health care needs

The State Priorities are: 
1. Enhance access to oral health care services for children
2. Promote Protective Factors for Youth and Families to Prevent and Reduce Youth Suicide & Self-Harm
3. Address Social Determinants of Health Inequities through Training & Health Literacy (Cross-cutting)

Bollinger County Health Center Priority is: 
1. Increase Physical Activity 

Complete the survey for Bollinger County here: MCH Survey