Show Me Healthy Women Program (SMHW) serves women age 35 – 64 y/o who do not have health insurance or adequate coverage for early screening and detection of breast and cervical cancer
Age 35-49 (CBE, Pelvic, Pap)
Age 50-62 (CBE, Pelvic, Pap & Mammogram)

WISEWOMAN is an extension of the SMHW program encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Screenings for early detection of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are available every Wednesday.  
Blood pressure checks and blood glucose tests are provided free of charge.
Cholesterol screening and A1C are available for a fee, by appointment .

Nutrition Education and Information is available. Special events to increase awareness and motivate individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices are planned though out the year.

No Cost Cholesterol Screenings

The Bollinger County Health Center is currently offering no cost Cholesterol screenings. Appointments are required. 

Call: 573-238-2817 or 866-338-2817 for more information 


Health screenings such as cholesterol ($23), blood pressure, tuberculin, A1C ($18) and glucose levels are routinely administered. Vision screenings are available upon request. Qualifying children are given a lead assessment or test.  Additional available testing includes: pregnancy testing, and STD/HIV testing.

Show Me Healthy Women

The Show Me Healthy Women program helps detect breast and cervical cancers in their earliest stages, when the diseases are easiest to treat. Free mammograms and Pap smears are available for women age 35 and older who meet certain guidelines. Call 573-238-2817 for 866-338-2817 to learn more. 

Wise Woman

The Wise Woman program provides free cardiovascular and diabetes screenings and lifestyle education for low income women ages 35 and older to help reduce their risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. This service is offered to women who participate in the Show Me Healthy Women program. For more information, and to find out if you qualify, please call 573-238-2817 or 866-338-2817. 

STD/HIV Testing

STD/HIV Testing, at no cost, is offered at the Bollinger County Health Center. Appointments are required for testing. Treatment for certain STD/STIs are available at no cost. 

Call: 573-238-2817 or 866-338-2817 to schedule an appointment. 


Nutrition and health education services are provided as requested. Materials are provided for the annual Bollinger County Resource Fair, and Bollinger County Fair.

​Representation is provided for school wellness meetings and various other educational events as requested. The Health Educator presents regularly at Woodland 8th Grade Health Class. The Health Center’s automated sign and Facebook page are also utilized to disseminate information.

CPR Courses

The Bollinger County Health Center offers CPR Courses on an as-needed basis. Cost per class is $20. Classes are held once a certain number of participants is reached. 

To sign up for our list complete this form: CPR Class Registration

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