Environmental Public Health

Services of an Environmental Public Health Specialist are provided.
Routine inspections are conducted of food establishments, daycare centers, and hotels/motels to insure public safety and prevent food-related illnesses
Information related to private water systems, sewage and environmental issues/questions, if available
Sewage permits are available for a fee

Food Protection

The types of inspection conducted by the Environmental Sanitarian include: school cafeterias, restaurants, taverns, retail grocery, senior nutrition centers, summer feeding, embargo activities, food related truck wrecks or fires, and food complaints.

How often are establishments inspected?

Frequency of inspections is determined by ... Read More

Daycare Inspections and Consultations

The Bollinger County Health Center offers consultant services to child care providers. Services include assessment and education on health and safety. The Environmental Public Health Specialist performs inspections on daycare facilities on an annual basis.  If you are interested in opening a day care contact the Health Center.

Lodging Inspections

Lodging establishments such as hotels, motels, resort cabins, and bed and breakfasts are inspected to ensure facilities offer a safe and sanitary environment. Sanitation standards are wet forth by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services in the Policy / Procedures Manual. 

Features that may be inspected: water supply, sewage and waste water treatment, fire safety, electrical wiring, fuel burning appliances, plumbing, swimming pools, food services.

Drinking Water

Technical assistance in the areas of water treatment, well installation, and sampling is provided to the public. The purpose of this is to protect water supplies to prevent water-born disease and illness.

Private water sample test kits can be picked up at the Health Center during regular business hours. There is a charge, payable to the state lab, for the analysis. 


Sewage complaints are investigated with violations issues. All violations are required to be corrected under current law. 

For more information contact the Health Center.