Public Health Nurses investigate diseases and conditions that are potential health threats to Bollinger County residents.

The Health Center receives weekly reports from daycares, schools, and long term care facilities on the disease/illness present in the community. Nurses use this information to monitor the health of the county and data is used to plan health interventions, if needed. 

Surveillance Reports for the State can be found at MDHSS Data & Statistical Reports.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

STD screenings for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, and Syphilis are available at the Health Center. Treatment is provided to confirmed cases of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and their contacts. 


Public Health Nurses investigate animal bite cases and if available send animal specimens for rabies testing. Without preventative treatment after exposure to rabies it is fatal in humans. If exposure to rabies is suspected, contact the Bollinger County Health Center as soon as possible. The first step in prevention of rabies is to have your pets vaccinated. 

Communicable Disease Control

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Immunizations are offered to adults and children every Wednesday
Flu vaccine is available during the appropriate season with clinic schedules announced via local media
The pneumonia vaccine is available year round

Surveillance and follow-up of specific communicable diseases that are reportable by Missouri law

Screening for tuberculosis infection
Follow-up and monitoring of active TB cases and Latent TB Infection
Investigation and follow-up of food-borne illnesses and other communicable diseases
An active surveillance tool is used to assess reported symptoms of existing illness for potential health threats/outbreaks. This is part of a statewide surveillance system.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Educational material and information regarding prevention
Screening for STDs is available at the Health Center Environmental Public Health

Show Me Healthy Women Program serves women age 35 – 64 y/o who do not have health insurance or adequate coverage for early screening and detection of breast and cervical cancerAge 35-49 (CBE, Pelvic, Pap)
Age 50-62 (CBE, Pelvic, Pap & Mammogram)

WISEWOMAN is an extension of the SMHW program encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Screenings for early detection of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are available every Wednesday.  Blood pressure checks and blood glucose tests are provided free of charge. Cholesterol screening and A1C are available for a fee, by appointment .

Nutrition Education and Information is available. Special events to increase awareness and motivate individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices are planned though out the year.